Complete Your Project 100% Online!

   Need a professional music producer to help you finish your project? Need a Soundtrack? Movie Score? Theme song? Background ambience? Video-game music? Or maybe just a jingle for your advertisement? Don’t worry, Gold City’s got the melodies. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to work with Chris Jasper, a Grammy Award-winning, classically trained composer and music producer! Chris Jasper has been in the music business as a professional record producer and composer for 45 + years. 

Chris is now excited to offer his songwriting expertise, along with his son Michael Jasper, a professional music producer and audio engineer, to bring you original music for your projects! 

Our studio’s skillset and resources are wide-ranging, including areas such as: 

  • Music Composition 
  • Sound Design 
  • Vocal Recording (Autotune/Vox) 
  • Logic Pro X Recording Software
  • Audio Mixing 
  • And more! 

We specialize in a variety of genres: 

  • Classic R&B/Soul
  • Pop
  • Electronic 
  • Ambience / Background Music
  • Hip Hop Instrumental 

We take on a variety of projects: 

  • Online Advertisements / TV Commercials 
  • Film Scores 
  • Television Shows 
  • Video Game Music 

Though our services are 100% online, we will work with you via email, phone and Skype to help capture your musical vision, and bring your project to life! 

Samples of Our Work

Lost in Time Film Score – “Main Theme” (Orchestral/Electronic)


For all of your inquires related to purchases, music production services and more, please email us at: [email protected]